LPG as gas alternative

HI guys i just want to hear your opinion or experience in Cars with LPG alternate fuel system ( dual mode Gas/ LPG) any pros/Cons that you know and if the investment is really worth it/ anyone knows about engine getting damage for using this i mean the engine and the sensors are not designed for LPG but well leats hear the experts talking about this.

The problem with using LPG or Natural Gas is you’ll see a significant decrease in performance and gas mileage…something along the lines of 20%.

Second…you’ll have to allocate a good portion of your vehicle for the gas tanks. If you want a decent range this could be significant.

It does pollute a LOT less. And because it burns so clean you can drastically increase your oil change interval. Some fleets that use Natural Gas have 20k miles oil change intervals.

Despite the lower mileage, natural gas is less expensive than gasoline per mile. On the downside, there are far fewer fill=up stations. But if you have a gas furnace, you can fill up at home.

Despite the lower mileage, natural gas is less expensive than gasoline per mile.

That’s a good possibility…I don’t know. But a 20% decrease in performance could make certain vehicles undrivable. It happened in many cities across the nation when the bus companies converted their busses to run on LP or NG. Some busses had problems making hills when the bus was full. The newer busses that are built to run on LP or NG took that into account and built the busses with more powerfull engines.

i am not an expert on this, but i don’t think it is effective to convert an existing car to this, but a new built car would be fine. however you will be tied to the radius of the filling stations to get more fuel.

these don’t use your typical home gas grill tanks to run on. the tanks are heavy duty, crush proof (for accidents and collisions) and weigh more.

Anyone who wants to use methane or propane must determine whether their car can run on it and what they need to do to make it work. If the cost is not prohibitive to retrofit, the owner might consider it. Cars can be purchased new that run on methane or propane, as cappy said.

Home refueling stations are quite expensive. You have to compress a combustible gas!

I see well i was doing a little research on this topic and they are 2 types of LPG systems for convert a car one that is cheaper that simulates a carburated card and the other one wich is twice expensive wich simulates a EFI car they assure me that with the EFI system the car will get the same mileage * galon that gas and the cheaper one will get me around 10 % less ( after is properly set up and the ration of air - gas is properly mixed) / and the perfomance of the engine will remain the same/ in fact the tank is a 17 gal tank but still i am concearn about damage on the engince or sensors due to the convert