Looking for information to view and or help in researching CNG power for trucks and passenger cars. Availability aside for the present, looking at the U.S. reserves, conversion of older vehicles. Kits aren’t the solution for average American but need to know if possible, tanks can be expensive but it’s why I am asking for help. What is efficiency of burn as well as miles per unit of which ever measure you can correlate for comparison.

The only comment that I have is that an engine set up for CNG can take better advantage of the higher knock resistance of the CNG getting more power from the same fuel.

How’s Wanda?

It is a good fuel, but it is difficult to store, refuel, supply points are limited, and it does not really help solve the overall problem. It may save some money since you might not be paying road tax, but then the roads will get less care. If you use more of it, then I will end up paying more to heat my home. Life if full of tradeoffs.

I heard a conversation on the radio yesterday afternoon on this subject. The guest said that natural gas had several things going for it. It is currently less expensive per mile driven. Methane is also available domestically; I believe that 80% of the methane use in the US is recovered at home. It also produces 70% of the greenhouse gases that gasoline does. As you say, it is not available everywhere, but there should be several stations in most cities.

This is a very interesting subject. I have researched this thoroughly and found that Natural gas is a very clean fuel, cleaner than propane. And since it isn’t a liquid you don’t get the freeze up problems you can get with propane. The problem is getting it in your car. I have a natural gas stove in my house and I could buy an electric pump that will compress that from 4 lbs to 600 lbs. Otherwise you would have to find re-fueling stations use this link also the USDA has a site that is very informational. Natural gas runs very efficiently in a cold engine whereas a gasoline engine needs to be choked to start CNG does not. Also there are TAX benefits. 1. in my state I do not have to pay road tax on CNG 2. There are many tax deductions to use alternative fuels. if you want you can email me at Run in CNG mode as much as you can. If I could buy an equivalent or better fuel at 85 cents a gallon I would.

CNG is priced by the United States Department of Enegery as the “energy Equivalent” In January 08 when gas was $3.00 gal CNG from your house had an equivalent of $1.70. see The US government site is quite informative.

Thanks for the input. I plan to follow thru with this over the alt options offered and to kkkkeep corn on the table. Haven’t seen Wanda since she took to the barrister. My friends keep me grinning with kkkken. Peace on ya

Alternatives to storage are not economical (1500-2000+ for a unit to take direst from your home gas line.) Gas companies seem to be willing to take a credit card 24/7 here and close by. Where there is a will, right behind the attorney, are people willing to pay their share to maintain the roads and use CNG. Corn is food! The tradeoffs in this instance must be explored. Do not despair. Thanks for your input

We need to at least dig (to coin a phrase only) a little deeper. I’ve heard more negative than positive on LPG. CNG was being explored but economically unfeasable with gas at $2+/-. If I hear clean coal or corn fuel I’ll combust…hmmmmm.

Thanks…I’ll look up your resources. I looked up conversions for ny 2000 F-150 and there are kits (WITHOUT TANKS those are another 2000-4000) but no place near SB to install them. Rife is luff.