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i have a 89 nissan fairladyz32 (300zx) and when i push the clutch peddle in it is very hard and i cant put it in 1 and reverse when it is running but when it is off i can just fine. but then if i put it in 1 gear before starting it and push the clutch in to start the car it lurches forward a little what could this be? and when i leave it to idle for to long it puffs smoke or at first start up? it has about 80,000 km

The clutch release system needs repair, and the smoke at startup and extended idle is most likely valve seals. Neither is uncommon issues in a car this old.

For the clutch, try bleeding the system first. Then consider replacing the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder as a set.

For the smoke, change the oil with high mileage oil and drive it a bit. The smoke should diminish.

Your clutch is “dragging”, not releasing completely…It could be the clutch itself or a hydraulic problem in the clutch operating mechanism…

Hydraulic fluid topped up? Check the slave cylinder for leaks? Throw-out bearing?

I believe that if the fluid was low, empty, and/or leaking, there would be little or no resistance on the clutch pedal. However OP reports pedal is very hard to press down.

The fluid isn’t low and I have bled it the previos owner said they put I performance clutch in and I think it mite be bent or one of the pucks on it is comming off or some thing idk :blush:

I don’t think it is a hydraulic problem either, or a puck coming loose. You are going to have to drop the transmission and remove the clutch to fix it. You may have bent the pivot arm because the former owner installed a pressure plate with heavy duty springs and a stock pivot arm.

To keep using this clutch, you may also need to upgrade the hydraulics as well.