What is the best clutch brand?

What is better an original clutch from the dealer, or a racing clutch?

If you’re not racing the vehicle, that’s not the clutch assembly to get.

Most parts stores sell clutch assemblies that meet or exceed the OEM specifications.


I dunno… I went with a racing clutch on my MGA in 1969. I have yet to replace it. I’d say it would have to depend on the car and how you intended to drive it.

Tester’s right about the parts house clutches being just as good as anything the dealer can sell you. An exception would be a dealer clutch for an early Taurus SHO. The dealer’s supposedly offered a fix for the constant replacements. Once replaced I never replaced another one of those either. I’m on my eighth SHO at this moment. Each earlier one was sold at a profit, one after four years of hard use.

Who do you think manufactures the clutches that dealers get from the OEMs?

Surely you don’t think Ford manufactures their own clutches?

Few drivers would profit from a racing clutch.

For most drivers the OEM or equal clutch is the best.

Some “racing” clutch set-ups are more difficult to operate, harder to push, and so forth. If this is a daily driver, I’d go with replacement . . . go to the parts store and see what most mechanics buy . . . or look at the warranty of each brand. I think that the racing application will work, may last a shorter time, and will drive different than you expect. Just my two cents. Rocketman