Clutch for daily uses, need to know which upgrades clutch would be the best


I am trying to get a new clutch for my manual 2010 Audi A4. I want to upgrade it and was looking at the clutch master fx250 and fx350. I don’t know which one to get. I don’t drag race my car or drift. I use it to daily drive to my college campus and just go fast on the freeways. I just want a clutch that can last and take a little beating, because I just want to daily drive my car until I graduated in a year. Then u would like to build it, but for now just a nice upgrade clutch that is good for daily driving and can last a long time until I have money to upgrade my car. Any advise?

Why do people make things complicated ? If this clutch has lasted 11 years then any name brand replacement clutch should be just fine. If in doubt just order from the dealer because they will not sell something that they don’t want to warranty.

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I have had my car for a year and half. The clutch was already bad at 80,000. Keep in mind the car was orginally from New York. But I live in Wisconsin and have got 18,000 miles out since getting it. But it will die some time in the next couple months. I realize I have got 18,000 out of it, bc i know how to baby a clutch bc my first manual had a clutch that was barely there. Not to mention I have an Audi if I order an upgrade clutch it will be the same price as a stock. Because prices for replacement on Germany car is expensive. So an upgrade would just seem better

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The highway miles you mention are easy on the clutch. Is your current clutch going out? If it’s not going out now, I’d just keep driving it easy like you say you are doing now and replace/upgrade when the time comes for it.

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While I agree that a quality clutch will meet your needs, you could post this on an Audi forum to find folks that have experience with aftermarket clutches.

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Just go fast on freeways ( as in exceding the speed limit ) . Yes I was young once but now speeding tickets are not cheap - they can cause your insurance to go up ( young people already pay high premiums ) and it can lower you FICO score. Plus future employeers can find out so much now that it could even keep someone from getting that dream job.

What people seem to forgot about paying a lot of money for “upgrades”…

You could crash or wreck the car tomorrow, and those “upgrades” will be worthless, except maybe for scrap metal.

Yes it’s going out. It’s slipping bad. To the point that if I am in cruise going up hill. It would slip out of gear

Got it. If you’re not going to do the work yourself, I’d take it to your trusted mechanic and ask him if he has any recommendations since he’d be the one to warranty the work done. He would probably be able to warn you if there was a brand that he’s had problems with


Nah my car value has gone up. Since covid so bc it’s a manual audi it’s worth more and bc of covid my value has gone up 3k from what I paid for it.

just go with the stock clutch. it lasted 80k if you know how to drive a clutch like you say you do then you will probably be in your next vehicle before it needs to be replaced again. dont over think it.


For my own edification: how would a clutch, slipping or not, cause a transmission to “slip out of gear”.


It doesn’t literally slip out. It starts to slip and then it will disengage. Cause your to just drop speeds on a highway. It will makes you use th gas pedal the whole time. After it does this you can just smell clutch burning.

I just looked up Schaeffler Clutch and an Audi kit was shown. I would just get the disc and keep the rest stock.

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I have a 2005 MB 6 cylinder SL with 170,000 on the original clutch and with normal driving it’s still good.

Spend the extra money on the OEM part (most of the replacement cost is labor) and it should last you as long as the rest of the car

I’ve never owned an Audi, but I did own a VW Rabbit once. When I had this sort of question I’d visit the VW dealership shop and ask there what they’d recommend, then I’d visit the local NAPA auto parts store, making the same inquiry, then I’d stop by an inde VW repair shop and ask the same question. If I got the same answer in at least 2 of the 3 places, that’s what I’d use. If I didn’t get 2 out of 3 consensus I’d use what the dealership shop said. That method always worked for me.

These days of course I’d see if there was VW internet forum to query too. In other words, you need some Audi-experienced advice for this question.


The OP is also asking on at least one Audi A4 Forum that I’ve found. My brother has a slightly older Golf GTI that if it needed a new clutch he’d just ask his german specialist what they would put in. Their methods have kept a 2009 GTi running like clockwork since it was brand new.

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I looked up and read some descriptions of fx250 and fx350. The fx350 stated that it was best for dedicated track or drift cars with occasional street use, while the 250 stated it was for spirited street use with occasional track. For your intended use, out of those two choices, I think the fx250 is probably the better choice.

It says you keep a stock pedal feel with either clutch, but I find that a little hard to believe with a clutch designed for primarily track use (fx350).

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Your vehicle may have increased 3000 but everything else has increased also . You really have not gained . Also many dealers just don’t want a manual shift vehicle because ( notice I was able use the whole word because ) on their used lot.

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For the kind of driving you’re doing, go with a regular clutch. Stronger clutches are harder to drive on the street, so unless you’ve added a lot of power to the engine or you’re racing it, all a stronger clutch will do is be more annoying in traffic.