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Grinding Gears

I have a Mitsubishi 3000, and it has just had a new clutch put in, but for some reason the second and third gears grind when I am putting it in. I also have noticed when the car sits for a day or so before I drive it, I don’t have the problem for the first I’d say 10 miles. I’ve had different mechanics say different things, and am not sure what to do.

What have the mechanics told you? More specifically, what did the mechanic who installed the new clutch say?

Pay attention to the pick up point of the clutch pedal. If the point where the pedal starts engaging the clutch is moving down after ‘10 miles’ you might have a problem with the hydraulic clutch release system. This could easily be a problem at this age and mileage.

This car can be shifted without the use of the clutch,with proper technique.
So my call is a internal transmission fault.

Just because it CAN be shifted without clutch (MOST can be)…doesn’t mean it’s NOT the clutch.

I think it’s the clutch not engaging all the way. This a cable clutch??? There a adjustment??

The OP doesn’t mention a problem getting into reverse,this is where a dragging clutch will show the most problems
The OP states problem only in 2 and third.
If the problem was with reverse and all gears I would concentrate on clutch issues

not necessarily. 2 and 3 might be set just right to show the issue the most. A friend’s Ford Ranger always had a tiny grind going into 3rd and only third. Right from the factory. It was a design issue, only 3rd would encounter it.

What about reverse,the gear that would show it (dragging clutch) the most?
Or maybe I should say not necessarily what clutch,or trans
With this software you cant tell what post you a refering to.

My vote goes for the syncro for 2nd to 3rd. After the trans is warm the AFT is a little thinner, not allowing the syncro to work properly. True if getting it in reverse is hard then the clutch might need replacing.
First thing to do is try double clutching it when you shift into 3rd, or just shifting a little slower. That syncro has to grab 3rd gear and slow it down so the gears can mesh, and engage.

I agree. The (limited) info we have about the problem makes me suspect the syncros.

Is it easy to replace the synchros? I was wondering what would be involved with something like that.

For instance, does the whole transmission need to come out, or can it be done while it’s on the car? Is the synchro a separate part from the gear? How much would something like this run?

I don’t know the specifics of this car, but yes, for transmissions I’m aware of it’s a big deal, requiring complete disassembly of the transmission.

first, I’d make sure the clutch was adjusted correctly, 2nd make sure the clutch master cylinder is full.