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Clutch slipping

Hi, my car is a 93 nissan 240sx. after having my clutch master and slave cylinder replaced, my clutch started slipping. the shop said i needed a new clutch. after having that installed, the car drove fine for a while then it started slipping. Was it not installed properly or is there something else causing my clutch to slip?

I believe this is either a installation error (least likely since it worked initally) or part failure or operator abuse (equally likely)

It sounds like they’ve failed to inspect and adjust the clutch free play after replacing the master and slave cylinders.
Without proper free play the clutch assembly will slip and soon be trashed. It would be similar to driving around with your foot partially depressing the clutch pedal all of the time.

Look at the master cylinder here. Note the small shaft that protrudes with the deep U-shaped fitting on the end. That fitting is what is used to adjust the free play.
It’s their duty and responsibility to check and inspect this.

Lightly push the clutch pedal. You should feel at least 3/4" of free movement in the pedal before you start to feel the clutch assembly itself. If not, the shop has overlooked the free play issue. Shame on them. It’s Mechanics 101.