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Clutch slipping signs

While reversing uphill with the clutch at the biting point and the accelerator set, it is at about 1,000 revs. When I raise the clutch a small bit more to move the revs flutter a fraction (about a millimetre on the dial) between 1,000 and 1,100 in an up and down pattern as the car is trying to move. It barely moves at all but maybe could be just me being a small bit unsteady on the accelerator but I am thinking the early stages of wear. The clutch to me appears to engage fine normally going forward and moving off and don’t see any clutch slipping issues while accelerating. The car is second hand it has 75,000 km and was mainly town kilometres so maybe this could be a sign of initial west. What do you think?

Do this test: On a empty street or parking lot, start the car,press on the clutch pedal an put the gearshift in first gear,let your foot off the clutch.If engine stalls,the clutch is OK,if the engine doesn’t stall,the clutch is bad.

I found it more decisive to shift to 4th with the engine warmed up and with the RPMs at ~1500 release the clutch. And of course I always checked to confirm there was some slack at the clutch fork first.

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The clutch does not know whether you have the transmission in reverse or forward. If I read your post correctly, the car will not move going in reverse up a hill. I see two choices:

  1. you have a transmission problem. If so, does it happen on the flat also?
  2. you are like me and you don’t like to back up a hill too fast, and you are not letting the clutch out all the way, unconsciously.
    Are you having any clutch slippage when flooring the accelerator in the highest gear?

It does reverse no problem once I use the clutch correctly! The rpm on the Rev counter just flutters a bit but I tried going up a hill in a high gear and floored the accelerator and the revs didn’t rise so I’d say it is okay!

Yes it stalls and doesn’t try to keep going!

Over the years I have had the pleasure to drive dozens of vehicles of all kinds with clutches worn to the verge of total failure and I can assure all that often a slipping clutch can be driven somewhat normally if acceleration is gradual and gear changes are not made until reaching a speed at the upper limit of the range. But also shifting into high gear at a low speed and flooring the accelerator will almost certainly break loose also. But in 1st the vehicle may pull away to a somewhat normal start.

Just sayin.

Bottom line here is that his clutch seems to be AOK.

Thank you for this and thanks to everyone for their input. I’m relatively new to driving after passing my driving test and this is my first car and is 14 years old so I was just checking so my use of the clutch and accelerator still wouldn’t be as precise as it could be but I’m getting there. Thanks guys

Did you have your brake problem solved that your other thread was about ?

Ok,clutch is fine then. Try to accelerate more after changing gears

Yes I got the brake fluid completely flushed there was water in the brake fluid and I don’t know how long it was in there for. The mechanic said the brakes are perfect and apply as normal but the pedal still sinks a bit but the brakes work and mechanic said he’s seen this commonly in many Japanese cars and said the brakes are perfect