Clutch Replacement

I can change gear without depressing my clutch to the floor - is this a sign that the clutch is on it’s way out? Car is a 2000 VW & has done 147000 miles. I’ve driven a manual all my driving life & have never yet replaced a clutch!

With the mileage you say the car has I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a second clutch installed in the car and it is starting to go out. A badly worn clutch plate will cause slipping to occur in the drivetrain when going up a steep hill.

To see if the clutch is slipping is put the car in 4th or 5th gear (assuming a 5 speed manual) and on level ground with the car stopped put about 2,000 rpm on the tach and slowly engage the clutch. The motor should stall, if it dosen’t then the clutch is slipping and needs attention.

It is not necessary to push the clutch in all the way to the floor in order to up shift on many, if not most, cars. If you are gentle as you shift and let up on the gas lightly you can slip the car out of one gear and it will drop into the next higher gear without using the clutch at all. This is not a good normal practice skill to develop, but it is pretty easy on many cars to do this. Old VW Beatles were very easy to clutchless shift.