Clutch repair. Car at mechanic for 3 weeks?

Mechanic has had my car for three weeks now supposed to be fixing the clutch is three weeks normal? I called twice today and no answer? Any advice?

No it is not normal unless there is a holdup on parts or something. A clutch can be a 1 or 2 day job all depending. If there is going to be any delay at all the mechanic should be calling you and telling you why that delay exists.

If he’s dodging you it might not be a bad idea to try to go down there and find out what’s going on.


Yeah it’s so weird I’ve never had a problem like this with a mechanic. I told him I use this car for work too door dash, GrubHub etc… I’ve been out of work for weeks. He said he had the part in stock on Monday and my car is next in line…

I guess I have to go down there

I have no idea why the delay but if he had parts on Monday the car should have been done by Tuesday or Wednesday unless he’s seriously backlogged. Delaying repairs on customer cars will eventually end up with no backlog at all.

In an auto shop there really needs to be a backlog of work or things will slow down to where there is nothing to do. But this can be managed properly. That’s about all the advice I can offer without knowing what the delay is. He’s had parts for near a week.

One time on a bet at work with another mechanic. I installed a new clutch kit into a Subaru in 1 hour and 20 minutes. Told him at 10:30 it would be done by lunch and he took me up on the bet. He lost 20 bucks. Of course that pace kind of took it all out of me on a 100 degree day and it’s not something that can really be sustained. It does illustrate what can be done when the chips are down and 20 bucks is on the line… :smile: (And yes, the clutch worked fine with never a problem)

He’s been dodgy with my calls the entire time not sure what’s up… Answers rarely and doesn’t give me a time frame at all. I’m going up there tomorrow or Monday.

Even if you’re the best mechanic, poor communication skills can hurt you in many different ways

On the flip side, I’ve known some mechanics who weren’t even all that fast or smart, but their communication skills were excellent, they were extremely well organized, and their time management skills were great . . . thus they were also very successful

You also need to remember these are not normal times right now with this COVID19, he may be short staffed right now.

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He has your car. have you paid him for any work? Does he want to get paid? Money= business?

The shop might be open on Saturday. Check on line for the shop information. Even if he doesn’t have a web site, information like hours and ratings are usually on line.

he might be short staffed . . . but there’s no excuse for completely ignoring a customer’s message on the answering machine. If I were the customer, I would expect a response in a fairly timely manner. Even in these times, it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to return that customer’s phone call


The not answering calls is strange

maybe he is the sick one!

If he’s sick and knows it . . . a subject which could be discussed forever . . . then maybe he shouldn’t be at work, where he might be getting the other workers and customers sick, as well

If he is sick then someone should take over calls and not leave me in the dark. I didn’t go up there today I’m just going to wait until Monday.

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How big is the shop? There might not be others to fill in for his managerial duties. There’s one shop near me that does good work according to our outlaws, but they have two mechanics and no office staff. The shop I use has several mechanics, 3 in the front office, and at least one, the owner, in the back office. It’s a lot easier for the second shop to notify customers of anything than the first shop.

I’m not frequenting a business, based on the recommendation of outlaws


The outlaws are my son in law’s parents. They aren’t really in laws, but deserve a special name. Actually, his mother started using the term. I like it so much I use it now too. Great family. I’m honored to be one of their outlaws.

Well he’s not sick just has been moving his shop across the street to a new shop wtf.

is your car apart? is it drivable?

I’d seriously recommend considering getting it out of there and to a different shop. To have your means of work tied up for 3 weeks with little communication or concern about your car and your need to work is not worth using this mechanic any longer.