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Hong long should I wait for a repair

I dropped my car off at a local small mechanic’s shop 3 years ago to get repairs done. It needs all new exhaust, engine oil seals, heating ducting, a door hinge replaced, exhaust gaskets, & some body work. He said he would do all of it but wouldn’t give me a time frame. In the meantime he’s taken in smaller jobs & done them but hasn’t worked on my car at all. When asked about it he swears it’s next in line after “fill in the blank.” I understand it’s a big project car & he only has 1 bay in his shop but he could’ve done the door hinge or ducting in the meantime. I’ve offered him extra $ to get it done in a few months but it still sits there untouched. I’m tired of waiting & informed him today I’m having my car towed out of there as I found someone else to do the work. He isn’t at all pleased & made references that I’m being impatient & demanding the car be done now. I’ve been a faithful customer to him for years but am tired of even simple repairs taking weeks rather than days. He’s had 3 years to work on my car but hasn’t. Am I being unreasonable?

Tow your car away and find another mechanic. This guy is not interested working on your car.

Maybe not interested in running his business? He had my sisters’ car there for 6+ months to diagnose why it wouldn’t start. She finally towed it to another shop & turned out to be carbon fouled spark plugs & valve seats.

Three YEARs. I would have taken it out after three DAYS.
Sitting that king, your car may have suffered more internal engine damage.
Depending on the year, it may well be a Dart is not worth fixing unless it is a mid-sixties GT.

Nobody I know would think 3 years is acceptable under any circumstances. Impatient? That’s astounding. He’s living in an alternate reality. Get your car and don’t look back…

After sitting for 3 years, there are new problems. The battery is probably dead, and any gas in the tank has turned to varnish, requiring the tank to be removed and cleaned, and the lines cleaned. The oil has to be changed. Other fluids may be bad, such as brake fluid. Plus the car has had 3 years of depreciation.

Your best bet may be to tow it to a junk yard. Or sell it to the mechanic for spare parts.

Unless this post is false…

I have to half-think your post is a joke. But if it’s for real then there seems to be more to the story. Based on what you have posted – tow the car to a junk yard and never have a conversation with the guy again. He is one huge BS artist. I left my 6-month old truck with the dealer for a rear axle seal and after 2 days of it just setting I drove it to another dealer who had it ready in one day. In most garages it’s first in first out.

This shop owner has a very bad business model

You should get your car out of there

You should slam him on yelp and google reviews

You should tell all your friends, relatives, co-workers, etc. to NEVER deal with him, and explain why

I am going to speculate that we are looking at one of two situations here:

The OP might have meant to type “3 weeks” or “3 months”, rather than “3 years”.
This is an attempt at trolling.

I’m sorry, but I have a very hard time believing that anyone would stand-by while a shop takes 3 years to repair a car.


It should have only taken three months to get the sense the this guy is not interested or incapable of restoring your car, not three years. You may have a difficult time finding a real shop to take on this project without a sizable deposit.

Wasn’t there a guy on here not long ago that was waiting over a year to get his car modified? This sometimes happens when someone is expecting a smokin deal because the shop is gonna fit it in during slack times. Time goes by and it’s buried behind a half dozen similar cars that never get worked on…