Clutch Problems

My clutch was shuddering on and off. I went to the dealer they said I needed a new clutch. They replaced the flywheel, clutch plate and throwout bearing. Including labor it cost $1,500. The bad part is it still does the same thing. I read somewhere that it could possibly be in the hydraulics. The clutch may not be completely engaging. Is it possible that it is a hydraulic problem. What else could it be.

You didn’t list the pressure plate as a part that was replaced. Was this an omission on your part or did they neglect to install a new pressure plate?

A hydraulic problem would be more likely to keep the clutch from disengaging completely. The pressure plate is what clamps the clutch disc to the flywheel, not hydraulic pressure. Hydraulic pressure only disengages the clutch.

Worn engine/transmission mounts could be contributing to the shuddering problem.

Not sure about the pressure plate, I will check my receipt.

You did not specify make/model/year, but you did speculate it may be a hydraulic problem, so I assume you have hydraulically-operated clutch. If so, you may have a bad master or slave cylinder.

I checked my receipt they replaced the friction disk, bearing, pressure disk and flywheel. This car is a hybrid; any possibility the electric motor could be causing the shuddering feeling. The car did not do this when it was new. I have had it nine years now and it has almost 100,000 miles. Does the linkage (it is hydraulic) for the clutch have any adjustment (possibly at the slave cylinder) that may control how completely the clutch is applied.