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Clutch possibly sticking?

Hey guys so I need some help! I have a 2011 accord with a manual transmission. These past two days I noticed something strange, I was coming to a stop in neutral like normal when the light turned from red to green. I was not at a complete stop yet so I rev matched a shifted to second. When I released the clutch something weird happened, I tried to accelerate but it wouldn’t really go and when I looked at my RMP the needs was momentarily hovering and then seemed like it finally got a grip. But afterwards there was an unpleasant burning smell and I was thinking it was the clutch. And today after I got to work I could smell the same thing coming from my car only less intense. The whole drive I was watching my RPM and I wasn’t sure but it almost seems like my clutch would be stuck for maybe a fraction of a second every time I switched gears. Any ideas?

Sounds like the clutch is shot (slipping).

Take it on the highway, and while in your highest gear floor the gas pedal. If the RPM shoots up before accelerating the car, dropping back to reasonable when it does so, the clutch assembly needs replacing.

Just as a curiosity, how many miles does the car have on it?

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Usually when the RPM’s increase and vehicle doesn’t accelerate, along with an unpleasant burning smell points to a worn out clutch.

You need to get this repaired as soon as possible. Because, there may come a time where you let the clutch pedal out, and vehicle doesn’t move.


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A shop can quickly determine if the clutch is worn out or not. It certainly seems like it might be, but why guess when you can know for sure for a small fee? Besides getting stranded if you wait too long to address this you might damage the flywheel, an expense you might not otherwise have in what is probably an upcoming clutch replacement job. Clutches are wearing items just like brakes, and always eventually wear out. After the new one gets installed, ask back here and folks will offer up some ideas on how to extend the life of a clutch. The one on my early 90’s Corolla w/200 k miles is original to the car. We’ve seen reports here of clutches lasting 600k miles.

You’ve got the symptoms of a worn out clutch. I’ve seen clutches last 200,000 miles and I’ve seen them last 50,000 miles under normal use. But when they’re gone they’re gone.