1990 Camry temporary clutch problem


1990 Camry 145k

Sudden issue with the clutch- after stopping at a light we lost acceleration. The engine needed to rev very high to move and after getting home I could smell what I think was the clutch (like burning rubber a bit). After the car sat for a few hours it shifted and drove fine. The clutch is new, replaced about 2 months ago.

Any ideas what the problem might have been? Thanks for any suggestions.


I’ll be bringing it in to the mech today (if he’s open) and would like to have some ideas about what to expect. Even a wild guess.


The clutch was definitely slipping. It is possible that the release mechanism got hung up or there is a problem with the pressure plate. Once a clutch starts slipping its coefficient of friction goes down as the temperature rises. After the clutch disc cools, it will act normal even though it has been hurt.

Lots of Luck