Subaru Impreza Brake Problem?

My daughter has a 1993 Subaru Impreza with 5 speed manual transmission. I have been driving it because of problems getting it to go in 1st gear. Most of the time the car goes from a stop just fine, but whenever it is on any kind of uphill grade the car seems to be stuck like the brake is still engaged. I hear a “grinding noise” I think is coming from the right rear wheel. This happens only in 1st gear, then the car is fine after that, I tried starting from 2nd but the same thing happens. This car is front wheel drive.
I think the brake may be sticking in the rear wheel. The car has a new clutch and I put in new brakes all the way around. Is there a way that I can temporarily disable the right rear brake (drums)? Maybe then I could isolate the problem.

It’s a sealed system, with equal pressures being delivered throughout. There’s no real way to isolate one cylinder without blocking the line (so I guess that’s your answer).

Check the status of the pads on the rear, compare them to each other (left to right). If you have one sticking, you should have excessive wear somewhere. Also make sure that the caliper can slide easily on the mount. A replacement caliper can be had for as little as $40, so replacing it will surely be easier than trying to repair it.

if you pull the caliper, and gently push the brake down a bit, the piston should come out. Don’t push it all the way out, just about 1/4"-1/2". Use a clamp and see how difficult it is to push it back in. You should almost be able to do it by hand.

Good luck

I replaced the wheel cylinder on the rear passenger brake but the problem didn’t go away. I think maybe what I am hearing is clutch plate.

…or there could be a problem with the Hill Holder mechanism that is unique to manual transmission Subarus.
I would suggest a visit to the dealership when there is a potential Hill Holder problem

The Hill Holder was it. I adjusted the tension on the cable that goes from the clutch to the brake and it worked like a charm.
Thank you , thank you, thank you

You are very welcome!

I’m glad that I was right, and I’m even more glad that you were able to figure out the workings of the Hill Holder system yourself, without a visit to the dealership.