Clutch of a 96 Camry and a mechanics responsibilities

My friend owns a 96 four cylinder Toyota Camry. After having his clutch replaced because it felt a bit soft the clutch pedal began to stick when depressed. He took it back in, and for free, they replaced the clutch again and the same problem happened as he pulled out of the garage. The mechanic then replaced the fly wheel charging my friend for both the labor and part. This did not fix the problem and now the mechanic wants to replace the clutch fork which apparently has to be ordered from across country.

My questions are 1: Has anyone heard of or experienced this problem? and 2: What are the mechanics responsibilities in this circumstance?

I think this is a hydrolic clutch. check the clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder. maybe just needs to be bleed??

Your friend is the victim of total incompetence here and it’s likely your friend never needed a clutch assembly at all.
A soft clutch is usually the sign of a failing clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder; not the clutch itself. This is a comparatively minor fix.

Your friend has been had and apparently they’re still trying to had him. This sounds like sheer stupidity more than being flat out crooks but the end result is the same; your friend has a much lighter wallet.

Just my opinion, but your friend needs to stop this debacle right now and demand his money back. If they refuse (quite likely) then the only option is small claims court.
Being served with a small claims summons might possiby goad them into a refund, which I think your friend deserves.

Even if the problem was in the actual clutch assembly itself it is the shop’s responsibility and duty to inspect flywheels and clutch forks when performing the clutch job. I’m not saying this particular problem is the clutch assembly; only that if they’re going to blame flywheels and clutch forks then they screwed up by not inspecting them while the transmission was out.