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Clutch line

i just replaced a clutch line yesterday on a 98 s10 and it failed again today it blew at the same spot

Clutch ‘‘line’’ on what ?
Failed in what manner ?
The repeat failure could be a SYMPTOM or a resulting failure and not the cause problem.
( kind of like replacing just a blown fuse without fixing the reason it blew )

the hydraulic clutch line from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder the line blew out i have a 98 s10 4 cylinder 2.2

Is this a metal pipe or a rubber hose?

I’d have to guess the slave cylinder is frozen, or the clutch is not releasing, and all the pressure from the master cylinder needed a place to go. Boom!

Did the clutch work after you replaced the line?

hard plastic and yes it did work after i repalced it i was able to drive all over lexington

Check your engine and transmission mounts for a broken mount, allowing the engine to move to far on acceleration or deceleration. You could either rev the engine up while someone else watches the engine from the side or put a pry on each mount to see if it is intact.

Hope This Helps.

You didn’t tell us the mileage on your S10, but based on the age I think Researcher is on the right track.

Something is moving that shouldn’t be.

no movement

could old brake fluid cause this

It could be that the new line had a defect in it. It happens.

i will try replacing it again see what happens

Perhaps the line is melting from exhaust pipe/catalytic converter heat. Heat shield missing?

i did not see a place for a heat sheld is there a way to post a picture

pic of clutch line as you can see there is a bubble and a blown out hole

this pic shows that the blow is about 1/4 of the way up

Plastic. What great stuff. See if you can push the piston in a little to see if it is stuck. You should be able to. I don’t think it’s stuck because I want to blame it on a defective line.

please help 3 clutch line blew again today same place

You might have to make up a metal line.

To make a heat shield, make a slit in some fuel line and put it around the plastic one. 6" of fuel line or less might make a difference.

Are you using the recommended brake fluid? Your pressure plate might be frozen.

found a hole in forward exhaust pipe under the heat shield large enough to stick my thumb through going to replace that when i have the money and some one told me that the hose busting could be do to a bad throw out bearing or heat from the exhaust any 2 opinions out there
1 fix exhaust
2 pull tranny and check throw out + clutch
3 Both
any other thought are welcome

Sounds to me like you need to repair the exhaust first. If there’s a hole in it, then the heat shield isn’t shielding anything, but becoming just as hot as the exhaust should be, defeating its purpose. The heat from that would be enough to cause a failure in a plastic line.

I didn’t see anything with regard to your clutch not working properly, so I wouldn’t pull the tranny for that reason.

You could try to temporarily shield it using the trick Pleasedodgevan suggested just above, but the fix would be to fix your exhaust system.