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97 s-10 Clutch keeps going out

Got a s-10 with issues! I’ve replaced so many parts in this damn thing! Throwout bearing, slave cylinder,master cylinder,clutch,pressure plate, etc… Keeps going out! It’s very frustrating!!! Does anyone know why this keeps happening? Please! I am tired of fixing this piece!

What quality of parts are you putting into it and do you or whoever drives it rides the clutch pedal?

But you don’t say what’s wrong with the clutch ?

Slipping ?

Can’t engage gear ?

Haven’t been riding clutch, and it starts out a light noise hard to describe, at times it starts to whine when I’m shifting, after awhile it starts needing more fluid(clutch not tranny). Eventually it starts to not want to shift, keep having to add more fluid, can’t see any leakage anywhere. I have to replace it over a year, for the last 2 clutches. It’s now starting the whining again, hasn’t lost any fluid so far. It starts to slip every so often.

Sounds like you do have issues with that clutch. The whining sounds like throw out bearing and you’ve obviously got a leak somewhere.

Only thing to do is rip it down and start again with a good quality clutch assembly, I’m assuming you inspected the flywheel and there were no cracks or scoring on the flywheel face. Also check the pilot bush in the flywheel, if that is worn and allowing the first motion shaft to float that will shorten your clutch life.

Replace the complete clutch as an assembly, friction plate, pressure plate and throw out bearing using a centering tool.

The leak may be the in the master cylinder and and may be leaking down inside the cab behind the carpet, take a look under the dash to check this. If it’s not that, it’s somewhere else, but it’s there somewhere.