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2001 Hyundai Accent clutch problem

I have an 01 hyundai accent. When I press the accelerator the car chugs and shakes and i have a hard time
getting any power when accelerate. It takes too much time to get up speed. The power is not well transmitted to the tires.
What could be the problem?

If the issue is about chugging and shaking then I doubt you have a clutch problem.

My guess is that you probably have a basic maintenance issue - relating to something like old spark plugs or an old fuel filter or something of that nature. It would be impossible to say since you didn’t tell people anything about the car. Its old. Fill in the blanks. How many miles are on it? What is the state of maintenance? Plugs? Wires? Filters? Is there a check engine light on? Does the check engine light blink when it is chugging?

Or does the engine seem fine? It revs up really high without trouble but it revs almost like its in neutral?

Thanks for your answer Cigroller.

Sorry for not given many details, I don’t know much about mechanics.

The car is a 2001 car with 135.000km. I bought it some weeks ago and everything seemed to be ok. The car is in general very good condition. I didn’t check the filtes as the previous owner told me he had already changed it. The check engine light is off and it’s also off when the car is chugging.

Maybe is a spark plugs problem and not a clutch problem. It would explain that when I press the accelerator the car chugs due to a combustion problem.

It is easy to change the spark plugs by myself? Many thanks!

The engine should just be a little 4 cylinder and normally spark plugs are pretty easy in those.

But if you’re not really mechanically inclined I’d suggest that you just find a good, local, independently owned auto shop to take it to. Did you have a mechanic look it over before you bought it? It sounds like maybe not. I’d take it to someone and have them give everything a once over, and have a full round of maintenance done including a check of the fuel pressure.

If you’d like to start taking care of some of your own basic maintenance items such as filters and plugs the first step would be to pick up a basic repair manual. You can pick one up for about $20 at any auto parts store. The next thing you’ll need is lots of tools.

Hi again,

Yes, it has 4 cylinders. I’ve changed all the spark plugs and nothing has changed.
Tomorrow I’ll go to a mechanic.

Hope it won’t be too much money.

Thanks again!