Clutch going bad AGAIN

Hi, I had the clutch replaced on my 2000 nissan xterra at 90,000 miles, about 25,000 miles ago. since then, replaced master cylinder twice. mechanic says whole clutch may need to be replaced again and no way to know until it goes out completely. the clutch pedal is still a little soft at top half of range. HELP.

As long as the clutch is working properly, not slipping, the car shifting normally, don’t worry about it…

The clutch totally failed last time I didn’t worry after master cylinder replaced. I drive alot in the mts. in winter and scared to breakdown again. You think I won’t?

Your only sympton is “soft petal at top half of range” (flower power)? Do know the techniques of operating a manual transmission vehicle when either the clutch linkage or clutch hydraulic stystem is inoperative? you should.

Too funny on the flower power. No, please educate me about driving when clutch is inoperative. And the reason the ‘petal’ seems like a problem after new master cylinder is in: the mechanic was not confident it was fixed, he thought I may end up needing another clutch. Sounds like I need more info for sure.

You can start the car while you clutch actuation system is inoperative. Level or dowhill is best, just put it in gear (2nd is probably best) and with a clear path just turn the key to start, the starter will move the car and after several 'chugs" it will catch and your off. The key is rembering you dont have a clutch to engage,so if your comming to a stopp you will have to pop it in neutral,stop,engine off,back in second and crank again.

Also you can upshift very easily when you find the spot of “equalization” when you think its time to shift,try it,if no go, speed up some and try again, you will find the rpm where clutchless shifting works. Downshift is better left to a “don’t try it catagory”. You must just remember to pop it in neutral when comming to a stop,and repeat the “get going” procedure.

You became very good at this type of driving if tou were a older (car) VW bug owner.

The “petal” thing was a refernce to a post from a Toyota owner who has a fear their gas “petal” would get stuck, one regular made a reference to “petal” power.

As mentioned slippage is a sure sign of clutch problems,chattering could very well signify clutch problems,and you are correct changes in engagement point and pedal feel are signs to ,well no other way to put it, worry about.