Clutch Fluid

Are clutch fluid and brake fluid interchangeable?

If so, any exceptions?




No exceptions that I know of…

I have always thought so. Still, if I were you, I would check my owner’s manual to be sure.

I don’t know, might there be some silicone-based aftermarket fluid out there that wouldn’t work with others? Just buy what your manual says.

Interchangeable ?
They’re the same fluid.

It’s called ‘niche marketing’ or ‘target marketing’ when the packaging is different for the exact same product. Read labels like Benedryl allergy medicine and Sominex sleep aid. EXACT same dose of EXACT same Diphenhydramine medication.

Yes they’re the same…And I’ve seen at stores like ADAP…clutch fluid. When I read the fine print (actually had my son read it…too small print for me). It said it was Dot-3. And it cost $.50 MORE then just Dot-3 brake fluid. It wasn’t made by the other brands of brake fluid they sold.