Master Clutch Cylinder Fluid?



Is this fluid simply brake fluid? I just had the Master Clutch Cylinder (reservoir?) replaced about 2 weeks ago because it was leaking, and this morning I was having trouble shifting so I checked the fluid and it was bone dry. I’ll be taking the car back to the mechanic to see if there is a break in one of the lines. But until then, I need to put more fluid in, and the mechanic said to just use brake fluid. Is that correct?


Yes. What’s in the master cylinder and what’s in the brake lines, etc is all the same stuff. Master cylinder is the entry point for all the brake fluid in the system.


Yes, the clutch hydraulic system uses brake fluid.

You should use brake fluid from a new, unopened container.


Just adding brake fluid might not work. There is still a leak so you can’t go too far. If you have air in the lines between the master clutch cylinder and the slave cylinder in the clutch even with fluid in there the clutch won’t work properly.

If you add the brake fluid as recommended, then you’ll need to pump the clutch petal a few times. With the trans in neutral start the motor and then depress the clutch. If the clutch works you’ll be able to get it into 1st gear or reverse. If it works drive directly to the mechanics shop and plan on leaving the car. If you can’t get it into 1st gear you’ll need to tow it to the garage.


How about the slave cylinder?? Probably where the leak is.


Could be the master cylinder, slave cylinder, or cracked line. Pretty basic, simple system. Leak should be easy to find. I suggest replacing the master cylinder and slave cylinder together, since they experience the same wear. It’s been suggested many times in many forums.