Clutch fan vs electric fan



We have a 94 yukon 4wd with 97k miles, thinking of replacing clutch fan w/ an electric fan. We use yukon for off-road trip w/ tent trailer and other outdoor activities.

What’s your take on this issue? As is or replace?


If both the mechanical fan and the electric fan move the same volume of air, I can’t see that there would be a difference. The clutch lets the fan “free wheel” on a mechanical, belt driven set-up, so it isn’t taking energy. The electric fan switches off when not needed, so it isn’t taking energy when not needed. If you aren’t having troubles with the belt driven system, I would advise you to leave it as it is.


Is it broke?


Our motorhome’s fan clutch failed on a trip at around 35,000 miles. I had to remove it at a rest stop so we could continue without it. It is not needed at highway speeds. A replacement clutch (part only) was only about $60. Carry a spare. It would be easier to keep what you have. I don’t know if you would realize a significant fuel economy increase with an electric fan. If you pay to have an electric fan installed including temperature sensitive switch (where will you put it?,) wiring and fastening to your radiator, then savings may not occur.


Is your alternator and the wiring robust enough to drive the electric fan?