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Clutch/electrical problem in 99 Honda CRV?

I have a 99 CRV, which on occasion (seemingly during warmer weather) which has recurring, not constant problem. (The problem will go away on its own after the car sits for a while.)

1) When I try to start it with clutch engaged, in gear, the car lurches forward as though I am turning the key without the clutch engaged.

2) When I put it in neutral, clutch engaged, it starts normally but will not go into gear.

3) When the problem appears while driving, it loses power, as though the clutch is slipping.

I have had it to numerous garages, who have replaced numerous clutch parts, but they have not fixed the problem. It is my belief that it is an electrical malfunction. Any ideas?

You’re describing a clutch master cylinder that’s leaking internally. If the cup seal in the master cylinder leaks, no hydraulic pressure is produced at the slave cylinder to disengage the clutch pressure plate. So when you start the vehicle in gear the clutch is still engaged and the vehicle lurches forward. If you try to shift into gear with the engine running the transmission gears are still rotating because the clutch is still engaged. And that’s why it won’t go into gear. And finally, if this condition have been happening over a period time, eventually the clutch will be ruined. That’s because of the lack hydraulic pressure to the clutch slave cylinder to completely disengage the clutch when shifting. Which results in burning up the clutch which results in slipping.