Clunking Noises

I have an '02 Chevy Cavalier. It was making a screeching noise when I turn for a while and now has started making a loud rythmic clunking noise all the time when the car is turned on. It gets louder and softer but never goes away. It is coming from the engine area.

If you don’t believe in coincidence Power steering motor comes to mind as a possibility. Check it for fluid at least, and hopefully the fluid looks clean.

Check your engine oil level immediately!

Check all the fluid levels.

Could also be a broken flexplate.

Could be a belt driven accessory, or the belt itself.

Could be bottom end problems.

Now the car won’t start at all, does that narrow it down?

@MissMe have you checked the fluid levels, as I suggested?

In any case, it’s time to have it towed to a shop for a proper diagnosis.