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2003 Cavalier metallic screech when turning key to start

I have a 2003 Cavalier with 54,000 original miles. What has been happening for the past several months is that 2 0r 3 times out of 4, whenever I begin to turn the key to start the engine, a moderately loud, metallic-like screech is heard for about 1-2 seconds right as the engine starts. The car runs great, no problems whatsoever, but this screech at start up is annoying, and of course it NEVER does it when I stop in at the dealer shop! I have been told it could be the ignition, the starter, a solenoid, several different things. Any suggestions?

Sounds more like starter to me.I can’t think of how the ignition would make that kind of a sound.

The dealer is going to cost you an arm and a leg, so take it to an independent mechanic.

Probably a faulty starter, especially if the starter has seen a lot of cycles.
If the starter is replaced the starter drive gear and flexplate (or flywheel) teeth mesh should be inspected.
Some of these vehicles may require a shim to properly adjust the mesh of the teeth.
These shims (of varying thicknesses) are available at most all car parts stores and they’re dirt cheap.