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Clunking noise in rear after turning car off?

We have a 1995 Chrysler Concorde. It drives fine, but recently I have been hearing a clunking noise (two or three clunks) somewhere in the rear of the car AFTER I turn the car off. It does not clunk while driving or braking or slowing down: only right after the ignition is turned off. Ideas?

Thank you!

Tail Pipe Hitting Axle Beam Or Rear Body ?

With the engine off, try tapping the tail pipe with your foot so that it jiggles side-to-side and see if you create a similar sound. A broken or worn exhaust hanger will cause too little clearance for the pipes and they can contact nearby metal when the engine shakes slightly while coming to rest.


Power antenna that automatically retracts on shut-off and is starting to bind?

CSA: Thanks! I’ll try this tomorrow.

Our antenna is in the front and the clunk is in the back (but hard to tell whether right or left), so I don’t think it’s the antenna.

This would not be an uncommon sound as the exhaust system cools. Since it’s a '95, I think CSA’s idea of getting the exhaust system checked out is a good one.