Clunking in my '04 Benz

It started as a occasional clunk in my steering column. In assition now there is a serious clunk under the car when I turn it to or out of a drive way or when there is a torque and twist on the wheels. If I pull straight in our out, no clunking. I’ve been told it might be my bushings. What do you think?

Were You Told The Bushings Were The Hydro Mounts (Rubber Mounts) Of The Torque Struts ? Does It Clunk Or “Knock” Wih The Steering Turned To Just Short Of Full Lock With Brakes Applied ?

There’s a MB Technical Service Bulletin on this topic. It’s certainly a possibilty. There are others I can think of including bad bushings (bearings) / mounts at the top of front struts.

Who told you that bushings might be bad ?


Just a friend of mine told me that works on cars. It is a clunk but the brake don’t need to be applied for it to happen. For instance going around a slight turn with a depression in the road. If I am going straight over a depression on pot hole not clunking.