Cluch repair it's still soft after changing, master cylinder, slave cylinder, and cluch and cluch plate

I blew am cluch out ,so I buaght a new one from O’Reilly Auto Parts put it in and went to push on the peddle and it was hard .I broke the master cylinder bar that went to the peddle, so it was back to O’Reilly for a master cylinder, I installed the master cylinder and now it was soft well there was nothing, so I took the transmission down for the second time ,to make sure the through out bearing was still good it was cracked so I put a good one in and buttoned it back up,still soft, so I took it down again and went back to O’Reilly yet again for a slave cylinder and we went through the process again. Yes I bleed the line and then slow gravity bleed and it’s still soft,how do I fix it