Closure of Entrepreneur Auto Mechanics set up discount repair shop in retail parts store parking lot

Like Whitey, I am 100% in agreement with Shadowfax.

There are some websites (City Data comes to mind) that have forums and sub-forums for every possible topic–including auto repair. If somebody want to discuss…politics…the environment…history (all of which are some of my favorite topics) or anything of a non-automotive nature, there are many other places where those discussions are more appropriate than in a forum called Car Talk.

This forum is not called…Talk About Cars and Anything Else That Comes to Mind.
It is called Car Talk, plain & simple.
I think that the narrowly-focused name of this site explains the issue very clearly.

this place is special. I have found no where else with such an intelligent and eclectic group. I would rather discuss things with this group than have to endure the idiocy and insult found on most other sites.

I realize that I don t know everything and that I m not always right. for too long I believed the opposite, and it kept me from learning and growing.

I m a curious person, there is knowledge and wisdom here and I like to hear it.

if I don t like the way a discussion turns or it doesn t interest me, I don t click on it. if cars are all you want to talk about , its pretty easy to do that.

I agree with Shadowfax and the closing of the thread, even though I was involved when the thread went off topic. Keep the main focus on cars so that this stays the place people come for car questions.

@Bing‌ The off topic discussions and debates shouldn’t be attempts to change each others minds, but attempts to understand a different point of view and to get other people to understand yours. Unfortunately a lot of the time what could be enlightening discussions include people only trying to change minds, but when this isn’t the case, a private PM discussion can be very fruitful.

@bing, PMing is a valid option because you don’t need a public audience to have a meaningful conversation.

I didn’t realize the newspaper article I posted about sidewalk mechanics setting up shop in the local parts store parking lot would divert into so many controversial topics. I concur with Carolyn, the producers, and many of the other posters above on this one: the Car Talk website forum works best when the focus is on talk and opinions about cars and car-repair. The other discussions were interesting and all are definitely worthy of discussion. But since they haven’t been resolved in the prior 250 years of the world’s economic history, I doubt they will be resolved here. And so are better left to other internet venues.

+1000 @shadowfax.

Well people have been asking for another forum to maybe have a few relaxed rules,if you censor this too much then it will die.The main reason new people come here in the first place,is because they think this is an extension of the CarTalk radio program and I have a feeling its a fleeting acquaintence when people realize Tom and Ray are rare birds around here.Of course you have some trolls,you will have them anywhere-I’ve quit a good many forums when the censorship became too strigent,even our local Rag wont even print a letter with a non de plume,signiture.(so a lot goes unsaid) I will give credit though for you all more honestly explaining and titleing the General Discussion Forum-Kevin

Something just occurred to me:
Those of us who have been hanging out here for many years have been doing so because we like it. We like the conversational format and the freedom. Why suddenly change it on us?

Carolyn, with respect, you’re coming in here trying to dramatically change a place that we’ve all enjoyed for many years. Why would you do that?

Yes, there were occasionally threads that could have used some intervention. But for many years we’ve been handling these ourselves, and with the votes of the participants causing the closure of threads that got out of hand. We’ve even run off posters that were only here as troublemakers, and those shilling their products. We’re not little kids. We don’t need to be babysat, and we don’t need to walk on eggshells for fear of being censored.

For those that want their threads strictly limited to only car repair, for those who don’t want open discussions and even debates, there are other threads. Why change ours? Go to one you like better.

I guess I just don’t like someone telling me I can’t say something when I want to. I don’t go to a dozen other boards and don’t intend to. I don’t think the Kennedy killing really is the same as the D Day invasion, but thats my opinion.

There are four forums here: Car repair, General, the show, and distracted driving. Comments on the show are nearly non-existant, and also goes for distracted driving. If the focus of the general forum is tightening, just saying maybe its time to dump the other two or change their focus to generate a little more activity. The car maintenance and repair forum seems to be pretty narrow focus on repairs and maintenance already. I just don’t see the point is all.

It’s also worth noting that of all the discussions here, the number that require any moderation, let alone closure, is quite small. This kerfuffle has gone so far beyond the 80/20 rule, it may not even be 95/5.

I think the posters above have offered some good ideas for other ways to have those side conversations. Personally speaking, I make liberal use of the private messages in conducting my business here. They can include multiple addressees, if you want.

That said, can we please go back to talking about cars now?

Not to change the subject, but I changed oil today on my little used car. Almost a year to the date. I had put on a total of 5 miles. The OLM said 98% but it had been a year which is supposed to be the limit. 8 1/2 quarts plus a filter. I agree its a little excessive so maybe I should trying going to two years.

I agree, Carolyn. Let’s go back to talking cars.
Welcome to the club. {:slight_smile:

Having been the original poster on this thread, and with great respect to all of the great input, allow me to be the one to suggest its closure. I has been a learning experience for us all.


+1 for @the same mountainbike. I think Carolyn does a great job and I confess to be one of the worst offenders in straying from the discussion.

OK. I think I’m going to take TSM up on his suggestion to close this. After all these potholes I hit in the last couple of weeks, I think I threw my inertia switch. Thanks again for your input.