Close vents to blow smelly air conditioner condensation outhe drain?

Neighbor complains her air conditioner stinks.

When I have time, I plan to get under her RX350 and suck out her air conditioner drain line with our shop vacuum.
Until then, I suggested she turn fan on full, outside air, close all vents and try to blow the smelly water out for several minutes while driving.

Will that do anything?

Thank you.

Yes it will. It will waste time and fuel. Forget the shop vac. Just use plastic weed trimmer line like most people do . There are over a million videos showing how to do this.

Thank you.
Ain’t got no plastic weed trimmer line.
Shall try #14-gauge solid Cu wire.
Nowilloook for the video.
(As a Registered Tree-hugger and Greenie, would have her do the Robertechnique only if driving somewhere.)

I would try a long zip tye, or just a piece of obsolete electric cord. Some cars seem more prone than others even if the drain is good, or slow. I have recommended to others turning off the ac 5 minutes before stopping as just the condensation can cause problems even if the drain is good.