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Chrysler T&C - Stench from the Vents

Posted a quesion on an electrical problem (see 2002 Chrysler T&C - Annoying Audible Tone), but having another sort of issue. When turning on the AC, a very pungent odor emanates from the vents for a couple of minutes. Smells like a bad shoe! I suspect that it is condensate in the vent (along with some form of mildew) that can’t drain. Any ideas as how to solve, perforate, drain, exterminate?? It even survives the winter!

This is a common problem, especially at this time of the year. In fact we answered it earlier today.
See here:

first clean out the evap drain, a rubber tube through the firewall. then get a can of hvac disinfectant from a parts store. remove the cabin filter and spray into it with the blower on high. it really works unless you have a dead cow or something in the vents.