Clop Clop Clop

I have a 2009 Kia Spectra with around 119,000 miles on it. A while back ago I started noticing my car making a clop clop clop sound as the wheels turn that echoes back at me when I drive by a building etc… It almost sounds like a horse trotting. First, what is the nature of this problem ? And, secondly, is this something that will be expensive to repair ? And, thirdly, is this something that could be potentially dangerous the longer I let it go ?

That’s is not enough info to give a diagnosis. The first suspect would be your wheel disks or hubcaps. They often make sounds like that. Check to make sure there are no loose objects inside them.

You could also have a problem with brake components or one of the wheels making contact with a loose compnent on the underside of the car.

How Old Are All The Tires ?
Regardless, You Could Have A Defective Tire.
Any Noise Of This Nature Could Be A Sign Potential Danger.
Also, Noises Of This Nature Sometimes Indicate A Condition That Could Become More Expensive If Neglected.

Visually inspect the tires and get the car safety checked ASAP.


The noise might coming from a loose brake pad. Brake pads are held in place in the caliper by retaining clips. If a clip breaks or gets worn out, the rotor can rotate around, grab the brake pad and cause it to knock against the caliper. The pad then bounces off the caliper only to be grabbed again by the rotor and the noise repeats itself.


It’s also possible that there’s a stone stuck in the thread of one of the tires.

Or a nail or screw in the tire. Had that happen to me.

Or a lug nut or rock is between the wheel and hubcap. Yes it could be dangerous, time for a professional opinion.

I think Tester might be close. After replacing a wheel bearing once, I didn’t get one of the bolts tight enough. It came loose and would make a metalic or clopping sound every tire revolution. Towed it 40 miles home and corrected my work. You need to have it looked at.

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Also the person who started this thread 7 years ago never returned to say what the problem was.

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