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Clogged Fuel Line?

I own a 1994 Skylark that has been sitting around for months without being driven. I start it and let it run about once a week.

I finally registered it, put the plates on, and took it out for a spin. It was stalling, especially when I try to turn. I got to a shopping center down the road about a mile and let it run a bit, threw some injector cleaner in the tank.

I’m noticing that when I step all the way down on the gas, while the car is parked and in idle, that it starts vibrating wildly from underneath. Its not the accelerator that’s vibrating, but seems fuel related.

Any help, as always, is most appreciated.

One more thing; I drove the car for years. Its only for the last year or so that its not been driven; maybe once or twice in that time. It’s always been a great running car.

How many miles on this car? Has the fuel filter ever been changed?

I’m going to suggest that the old gasoline in the tank might be the problem. Have you put any fresh gas into the tank lately?

Gasoline has a very short shelf life. Fuel stabilizer extends it, but I’m guessing you didn’t add any fuel stabilizer before you stopped driving the car.

The gas has been in there for about eight months I’d say. Is there anything I can add besides the typical STP carb/injector cleaner that might help?

The car is 15 years old. Perhaps it’s time to replace the fuel filter. Additives are unlikely to improve this situation.

Well I might suggest a fuel dryer additive. You might have picked up some moisture in the fuel system over that time.

I would add the dryer and get some miles on it, then fill it up. The mixture of old and new fuel amy be enough to get it running well, or at least better. I would try to get some miles on it now and to run that old fuel through it.


Thank you. Do you mean dry gas or something along those lines?

Try adding a can of SeaFoam Engine Tuneup to the gas tank and fill the tank. See if this improves the performance.