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Clock spring issue

Hi to everyone,
My car is : Kia - Cadenza - 2010 model
I took my car into a garage for changing the light hand switcher which is located near the wheel steering. The mechanic put the steering wheel to the center then he took off the wheel and he took off the clock spring, after he finished his work he returned back the clock spring and he returned everything back in its place again and I went home and everything was fine.
I drove the car 3 different times in a different days after the mechanic repair, but in the third time when I was driving my car suddenly I turned the wheel full to the right and when I want to turned back again I broke the airbag wire inside the clock spring and the airbag light showed up on the panel.

Note : this broken clock spring I bought it new from one year ago and I used it only for 40,000 km of driving.

My question is, is this a mistake from the mechanic or not? And should he buy me an new clock spring?
Because some people said that if it is the mechanic mistake the clock spring would broke up from the first time of driving not in the third time of driving.
So I need your answers please as soon as possible.

YOU bought the clock spring? Let the mechanic buy the parts then the parts and labor should be warranted for at least 90 days.

Really having trouble reading your post. It seems you bought a clock spring and had a mechanic install it . If that is correct then he does not have to warranty the part and will charge you labor to replace it with a new one. Did this airbag wire break after 3 days or 40000 Km ?
Actually it does not matter so just find another shop and have the vehicle repaired since you doubt the one who did the work.

I bought a new clock spring and already changed it in another Carage , But the problem is the mechanic refusing and also some people told me that The clock spring would be Brocken up by itself , But I don’t Believe this …

The problem with the airbag has been fixed and you have another new clock spring . If that is correct then just move on because the mechanic is probably not going to budge so just move on . There is no way to say for sure why the wire broke.

No , I said that he took off the clock spring from its place while he was repairing my car .
And I’m saying that this Brocken clock spring I used it only for 40,000 KM before this accident .