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Climiate Control Issues

Dear Car Talk,

I have a problem with my Climate Control System. I had a new radio installed last week and this morning I notice the car defroster system did not work. In addition, the heater nor the air condition is not work when I check the systems. When I turn up the fan to maximum, I can hear the fan blowing but no air cool or hot flow out of the vents. Can you tell me what the problem could be? The car is a 2003 Mercedes Benz C240



I had a new radio installed …

Enough said. They likely knocked or damaged a vacuum line or maybe something they used is jamming your controls. In either case it is almost certain that they should fix it for free.

I would take it back to the radio installer and describe the problem; show it to them. Ideally, they would pay for the required repairs at your local Benz dealership.