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Help Climate Control Gone Crazy!

Dear Car Talk Guys,

I have a problem with my Climate Control System. This morning I notice the car defroster system did not work. Also, the heater or the air condition did not work when I tried to turn then on. When I turned up the fan to maximum, I could hear the fan blowing but no air cool or hot flowed out of the vents. Can you tell me what the problem could be? The car is a Mercedes Benz C240 2003.

It too cold for a girl to be in the cold without some heat.

thanks car talk


Warm me up.

It sounds like you may have an electronic control system, so it certainly could be there. Often this kind of problem is with the vacuum system. On many cars the vents and temperatures are controlled buy a vacuum system. If a hose has been knocked loose or has cracked, that can do it. The problem is getting to these can be a real pain. Sorry for the vague answer, but I don’t have any experience with modern Mercedes.

check your interior fuse box for a 15amp fuse number 41 this powers your aac push button control module.