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No heat from the floor vent

I have a 04 Chrysler convertible and the front grille was recently replaced. I’ve noticed that the heat doesn’t seem to come out of the floor vent anymore. It does come out of the dash vents though. What is causing this? it’s the same for the a/c too.

Do you mean the defroster vents?

it sounds like the blend door is broken. usually this will totally fail.

you could look in the yellow pages for an AC / radiator shop, and get an estimate.

Well, before he starts assuming the worst it could be a simple problem, like a disconnected vacuum hose. He just had some repairs done and there is a chance a vacuum hose was left loose. That’s why I want to know if the air is coming out of the defroster vents.

The air is coming out of the defroster vents.

Are you talking about the grille in fromt of the car or are you talking about the dashboard where all the instruments are. It it’s the dashboard,a vacuum hose was probably left disconnected giving the symptoms you presented. Suggest you take it back to the shop that did the work and have them fix it prperly without charging you again.

The grill replacement was the outside. Someone ran into my car. But since the repair this has been an issue. I did take it back to the body shop but he didn’t think there was a connection.

Whether the body shop had anything to do with it or not, I agree with willey and with wizard that this is likely to be a disconnected vacuum hose inside the dash area. If all of the hoses turn out to be okay, then you may have a more extensive (and expensive) repair on your hands since Chrysler products seem to be especially prone to problems in the vacuum controls for the blend doors.

The defroster is the default mode in case vacuum is lost to the controller.

You might have had a vacuum resevoir that was close to the front of the car that was either damaged or disconnected during the repair. I would have to believe they had the hood open while replacing the grille.

So I would start there, it might be a simple repair.


i don’t know where the vacuum hoses are in your car, and it is a little difficult for any one to diagnose which ones they are over the 'net.

since you had work done on this at a body shop (and they are waving their hands in confusion) now take it to the specialists who do this sort of thing day in and out… the AC radiator guys.

if you are going to go under the hood, and go fishing, have at it, but in all likely hood a pro could find it, and fix it in short order. how valuable is YOUR time?

Talked to my body shop guy and I’m taking it down to him tomorrow morning to check the vacuum hoses. He thought it was unlikely but after I told him of the response from everyone here, he thought maybe he ought to take a look. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for your time and help.