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Climate control broken after car detail


I had my car detailed for the first time this morning and it looks great. The problem is when I drove away I noticed my climate control panel was now completely dead. No response from any knobs and buttons. No power at all.

I called the place to ask about it, and the guy said to come on back so he could take a look. When I got there he came out and immediately said that his guy claimed it wasn’t working when I got there. But it was. It’s winter, and I drove there in a heated car.

Later this afternoon I spent a few hours running errands and the climate control seemed to come back “online” a bit, but flickering on and off and some of the segments on the digital numbers aren’t showing—like the top of the 7 is gone and it now looks like a 1. Some buttons still don’t work at all.

My question is, how could this have been caused by the interior wash? What could have happened? Is this just a terrible coincidence?

Also could a moderator help me change my username to not my actual name? I don’t think I am able to message yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Moisture (cleaning chemical) where it should not be?

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A Jetta with an electrical problem?


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I expect some moisture/cleaning fluid etc got to some of the dash button’s electrical contacts. There’s a pretty good chance this will fix itself as the moisture dries over the next few days. In other words don’t do anything drastic at this point.

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That was my thought and when I asked the guy, he said that they’d really have to soak it for that to happen.

Yeah, I’ve had some electrical issues with the Jetta over the years. Mostly the sunroof and the interior lights. I’ve had all that serviced, for sure. Another electrical issue definitely wouldn’t surprise me. If it was entirely unrelated to the wash, it would just be a great coincidence that it happened during those 2 hours.

Thanks! I will wait and see. I’m not pushy and the guy did say he would pay for it if it was his fault. I was just curious if anyone had any idea why it might be.

In any case, I’d probably have to take my car in and get a mechanic’s opinion to pursue it. Even then I have no idea if there would be an obvious cause. I’m probably going to end up paying for this either way.

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