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98ford explorer not starting?

I was told by the dealership that the batterie was bad and needed to be replaced ( which I did) I went out to my car this morning and had the same problem. When I turn the key nothing happens. When I turn the key you hear a click but that is it. Any suggestions?

Jump the truck, then get the new battery tested. I think you have a parasitic drain that will kill the battery overnight, similar to leaving the lights on. Finding the drain can be very hard.

The click sound could be a relay click and not a starter solenoid click. If so, maybe the range selector switch is faulty.
When it does this again, try shifting into neutral and attempt a start. If it does fire up then you know the range selector switch is the likely cause.

It’s also possible for a switch to be faulty in both positions so the above is an aid only. From this point one would have to verify that power is being provided to the starter solenoid when the key is turned in either the PARK or NEUTRAL positions. Hope that helps.

@BeckyT is the click quiet or really loud?

First confirm that the new battery really is dead. Measure the voltage at the posts.
If it is dead, check for a parasitic draw.
Verify that the starter solenoid is getting battery power.
You might have a bad starter.