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Clicking when you turn the key to start

I have a 2002 town and country minivan that just started msking a clicking just as if the battery was dead, you do this once or twice then it starts good and runs fine also this battery is only 6 mihs old. HELP

Check and see if either of the battery terminals are loose on the battery posts. If you can twist the terminal on the post, that’s a loose battery connection and will cause this condition.


Also, when the engine exhibits this symptom, have someone hold the key in the “start” position while you tap the starter motor assembly (if it’s accessable). What sometimes happens in cars this age is that the contacts that enable the starter motor windings get toasted from use. One of the things the starter solenoid does is engage these contacts, and when they get fried they can become intermittant.

Yours sounds like a typical case of this. The clicking is the solenoid moving the parts that engage the starter gear to the flywheel and close the motor contacts, and after a few tries engaging the contacts they finally conduct.