Clicking sound

My friend drives a 99 ford contour. About a month ago she notice a clicking sound coming from the engine. It made only when she stepped on the gas. Also the check engine light turn on. Might it be the knock censor? Thanks for ur help.

Have your friend take her car to a local AutoZone, and they’ll hook up a code reader to the vehicle to determine what codes are stored that’s causing the Check ENgine light to come on. Until that’s done, there’s no way in telling what’s causing the noise from the engine.


The most basic way to “check” the “engine” is to put the car in park and step on the gas while your “friend” listens to the engine from the outside with the hood open. That could at least tell you where the sound is coming from.

I really hope that someone has checked the oil. But you do need to have the codes read.

It’s unanimous…she needs to have the codes read.

Knock sensors don’t click. The prevent clicking (pinging, actually). Your friend’s clicking could have a multitude of causes, from a pinging to an arcing sparkplug wire, all of which can be diagnosed and repaired.