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Clicking sound on passenger side dash of '93 Intrepid

Have 1993 Intrepid clicking noise under passenger side dash - thought it was blower motor but is not.

The turn signal flasher is in that area.

Trouble found - solution cut wire to motor that opens and closes vent door under the passenger side dash board - too expensive to fix - part can only be found in junk yard. Information from a part store manager. (cut wire with vent door open to allow air circulation for defrosting in winter)

How in heck did a cut wire cause a “Clicking” sound, and how did it get cut?

The wire to this little motor makes a clickimg noise that opens and closes a vent door that allows air to go up to window or down towards the floor. It has not been cut yet. I was told this would be the cheapest way to go - I certainly hope it works.

Oh I see, I thot you were talking about an electrical wire.