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Clicking noise while car is cold and only when accelerating under load

I hear a clicking noise coming from the engine when the car is cold and accelerating under load. It begins around 1800 rpms, gets louder and slightly faster as rpms increase and is gone approximately 2-3 miles down the road never to return until the engine cools.

I use 0-20W oil and change it religiously. Any suggestions?

I would get the valves adjusted every 30K miles.

Could be an exhaust manifold leak, either from loose manifold bolts or a gasket that is failing. These typically show up when the car is cold, and rapidly go away as the parts expand with engine heat. That is until things get so loose/deteriorated that you’ve got a continual leak.

Any chance you can start the car up cold and have a peek under the hood and see if you can determine where the sound is coming from?

Not a chance. Sound only occurs while accelerating under load. Giving it gas in neutral won’t do it.

Thank you. I’ll give that a shot this week.