Clicking noise when turning only when brakes are applied

Hi, for several months my '06 Lexus IS 250 has been making a clicking noise when I turn either left or right ONLY when the brakes are applied. So if I’m braking, slowing down to make a right or left hand turn, I will hear the clicking noise. It starts as a light clicking sound, which turns into a deeper clicking sound the more I turn the wheel. I have taken the car in for scheduled maintenances & they have never mentioned that anything was wrong. Please tell me this is something covered under warrant…? Thanks!

definitely under warranty. Scheduled maintenance checks normally won’t find something like this unless you mention it to them. I assume this is the RWD model?

Could be wheel bearing, steering assembly… The fact that you are braking just means you are applying more stress to the front suspension/steering parts. Hopefully one of the experts here can narrow it down more.

If it is the AWD model, I would add CV joints as a possible issue.

thanks for your responses so far. i know, shame on me, but i don’t know if it’s RWD or AWD. i’ll have to check my manual.

do you have plastic wheel covers? or do you have allow rims and NO wheel covers? if you have plastic wheel covers, read on…

if so, try removing them. if you lose the sound, at least you will know it is an unimportant noise.

mine click like you describe when turning too and it BUGS me, but the steel rims look so crappy, i have to live with it.

as an alternative, make sure you have no rocks or debris stuck inside the wheel covers, and in the debris shield around the brake rotor.