Clicking in transaxle / inner CV joint when applying brakes



Does anyone know what may have happened since I replaced the right and left front CV axles? We are now experiencing a knocking felt throught the brake pedal. The knocking first appeared to be a left warped rotor. I jacked up the left side of the car tonight. Removed the wheel and had my wife put the car in gear and apply the brake. I was able to conclude that the knocking was not coming from the area of the brake caliper, but from the inner CV joint. The axle does have a about an 1/8 of an inch of push/pull play in it with most of the motion occuring at the inner boot joint. The axle appears to be securely positioned in the transaxle. I am thinking this may be a bad “remanufactured” CV joint.

I repeated the prceedure on the right wheel and the same knocking occures. There is very little play in the right axle though. I put the right wheel back on and took it for a drive. I thought that if I put the car in neutral while I braked any torque from the transmission would then be isolated from the transaxle gears. If the knocking went away it could be transmission related. The knocking did not go away when I braked in nuetral.

Is my new CV joint bad? Or did I do something with the alignment of the transaxle gears. We have put about 1000 miles on the car including a road trip since the cv joints were replaced. The knocking has been developing since we returned from our trip. Please help with any ideas.


[b]Ah! What kind of vehicle are we talking about here?



The car is a 92 Mazda protege. FWD, automatic tranmission with 116,000 miles on it.
I also have noticed a slight pulsing in the acceleration. The hard knocking only happens at breaking.


Or “braking” rather.


Sounds like a CV joint but it could be in the differential. Does it happen in reverse? When you put the car in Neutral you still have the differtial gears spining. There is still some intertia in the drive train that can load against the CV joints. I would bet you have a bad CV joint whether it was damaged at installation or a factory defect is hard to tell.

Did you do it your self or have a shop do it?