Clicking in rear of explorer

My '04 Explorer has been clicking continuously for about a week. Before it would do this for about 10 minutes and stop, but now it does it non-stop. The noise is coming from the rear compartment on the driver’s side. It kind of sounds like a door lock button is being pushed over and over, but I know that isn’t the problem as I’ve tried locking and unlocking the doors and checking them and can hear the clicking over the click from the locks. It stops when I turn the rear AC/heat off. I have not noticed any problems with the AC/heat function in the back of the car though. I’ve been told this is a blend door motor problem and had it replaced, but now 1 week later it’s doing it again. Suggestions?

Anyone have any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.

You might just have a piece of something lodged in the rear ductwork. When you turn on the rear fan the air movement would set it to flopping around and smacking the sides of the air ducts. The vent covers are often not that hard to remove (though I’ve not pulled them from an Explorer). You could pull those and try to get a look into the duct, or perhaps stuff a shop vac hose down there and see if you can clean it out. It could also be something caught in the vanes of the rear blower motor - if it has a separate blower for the back. That will probably require some interior disassembly.

Note that this is just a guess. Turn on the rear fans and stick an ear right up against the vent covers.

Most common cause is one of the two electric blend door motors monted on the rear a/c-heater housing behind the right rear quarter panel.

Yes, now they want another $500 to replace the other one (a week later). Why would both of these not be checked at the same time and/or replaced at the same time?

Some debris may be in the ducting causing a bind resulting in drive gear stripping inside the motor. But they should have checked for that during replacement, or the door/motor were mis-aligned at install.

So, is it reasonable for me to pay them again to do this? Are there any pertinent questions I should be asking?

Oops, LEFT rear quarter panel.
Proving this will be the hardest part as most shops won’t let customers into the work area, and hoping they don’t pad their words to their advantage.
Is it the same motor again ? They owe you warranty work.
Is there debris they didn’t remove the first time ? They owe you re-work even if it’s the other motor.
Is a door or lever broken that they should have caught on the first diag ? They owe you re-work.
compare part numbers now -vs- your first invoice. 2L2Z-19E616-BA the rearward motor called the temperature motor with D-shaped shaft.
1L2Z-19E616-BA the forward motor for air distribution has a cross-shaped shaft.
If they missed something on the first goround like debris or lever/door damage that took out motor #2 I’d offer to pay parts, NO LABOR. ( the 2L2Z motor is about $59.00 and the 1L2Z $30.00.) But don’t offer this up until you make them squirm a bit.
But if it’s door or lever damage Ford only sells the chamber assembly 1L2Z-18K463-CB @ $251.00

So the question remains. Should they have caught this the first time advising you of the total repair with just one r&r charge ?

I won’t know if it’s the same motor until next Monday, unfortunately. They can’t get me in until then. The one that they just replaced with the 2l2Z. When the tech came out to the car, he had me turn the rear AC on and change the temp with the blend set on one setting (clicked both hot and cold) and then he had me change the blend and do the same thing (no clicking). So, initially he said that he only replaced the actuators (my receipt says blend door motor) and then he said that is was the other blend door motor. Seems like it’s the same motor though since it only happens on one setting, both hot and cold. Am I thinking about that correctly?

So, (I’ve been trying to do as much research as possible so pardon the ignorance here), there is a blend door motor unit behind the glove box that controls the front AC/heat and an additional one in the rear?