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Click Clack Sounds in Reverse VW Cabrio

Hello everyone!

We just got a used 2001 VW Cabrio through a private sale and are unfortunately encountering the first issues a few days after.

It has a manual transmission.

When reversing, the car makes a clack clack sound.
The clack clack sound is faster if the car reverses faster.
The sound is loud when reversing with the the clutch pedal up.
The sound faints, but still exists with the clutch pedal down.
The sound disappears when the clutch stick is disengaged from a gear, even though the car keeps rolling backwards.

We know from the receipts, that the car had clutch work done in April.

Before hitting up mechanics, we are trying to find out if this is merely a clutch issue or if this could likely be the entire transmission, or whether we are totally off and its something else entirely.


I think you have a duck problem. Check the trunk for odd looking ducks.

This is a common problem with VW manual transaxles of certain years. Unfortunately yours is one of them.