Click/Clack snowed in on The Cape-- despite wife's warnings Help our doddering memories

Hi, There a a super show-- one? Both the brothers went to the Cape way way off Season. The one wife strongly suggested not going.

And whoever went … we don’t quite remember: ? got snowed in?
Had not food/water?
No heat?

And what did the wife say when he got back home??

appreciate any all input

many thanks in advance

I miss the show and don’t remember ever hearing that story. Anyone?

I recall Ray telling Tom about that same trip on one of the shows where they drive to the Cape, technical difficulties develop, ending in both Ray and his wife being cold and hungry. My main recollection is “I’m glad that didn’t happen to me!” … lol … Sorry, don’t recall which episode it was.

Thank you George!

Let’s hope someone better remembers it…………… and let the hilarity begin. I hope!



I never heard the show but not so funny getting snowed in. Our choir was snowed in in Poluck, South Dakota on tour way back in ‘67. We were there for a couple days before the roads were cleared. They even opened up the theater for us but I don’t remember what was playing. I remember the concert because we were signing F. Melius’ Lost in the Night, and as soon as we sang that, the lights all went out in the auditorium from the storm.

hey, Bing…. not so funny, I understand. Tho wonderful telling: ”we were signing F. Melius’ Lost in the Night, and as soon as we sang that, the lights all went out in the auditorium from the storm.” And yes, I have been out in blizzards—two just this year— and not funny. Glad you wrote, RJ

I was snowed in at Longways Truck Stop just North of Watertown NY in 1972, even some State Troopers were snowed in with us. The third day we had nothing to eat except a load of Mrs Smith Pies the Troopers commandeered from one of the trucks.

Just Ray and his wife in the one i’m remembering, I’ve found the show


Now that is a great story!
Great story, well told. I am impressed the Troopers pulled off too.

Mrs. Smith’s Pies!

OK, I love this— it’d be great to get the C/C Cape Cod Story—-but even without, this is so fun.thanks,


Yes! This is The Show!!
Great detective work— I was looking for Cape Cod—- Maybe I should have searched for ‘idiot.’

Thank you so much this has been a win win win!!

I already re-listened. Hope you enjoy it.



It’s one of the shows that’s on rotation in my mp3 player, I think i was playing it a couple weeks ago. Usually work through a couple shows while running errands on my day off.