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Click/bump in suspension on braking

2000 Toyota Tacoma. Just wanted to get some thoughts on this. As I’m braking moderately and the vehicle slows down, close to the point of stopping, there is a light audible click or bump from the suspension and/or brakes. I can also feel the click though it pretty light. It feels/sounds like it’s on the left side as the suspension unloads after braking. It happens pretty consistently unless braking very light. Inspected the brakes and suspension and everything looked normal. I’m thinking it’s probably a one of the upper ball joints loosening up and moving with the force of braking but everything looked fine. Joints didn’t look loose, but I may not be putting enough force to move the joint. Light braking does not cause the noise or it’s just too light to notice. Any moderate to hard braking will result in the click toward the end of braking or when the pressure is let off the brakes. What do you think?

I think you should take it to an independent mechanic and have the whole suspension checked out.

I agree with circuitsmith. Get the suspension and brakes checked out. But first, check and make sure that the caliper attachment bolts are present and are tight. There are other things you can check if you plan to do the work yourself.

You can also try bouncing the front end around by bouncing wheels, the fenders, etc. by hand to see if you can reproduce the sound. I once had a front end click that utterly baffled me until I found that I could reproduce it by putting weight on the right front. Turned out to be the bumper guard, and replacing a missing screw fixed the problem.